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What is a Pop-up?
A pop-up is a subscribe form that appears in the center of the screen and offers visitors a discount in exchange for their email addresses. Depending on your needs, the pop-up can appear differently.
How does it work?
Soundest pop-ups can appear in several different ways. You can either choose that your visitors see the pop-up immediately after entering your online store, or after a few seconds. Alternatively it can be an exit pop-up, appearing when visitors are leaving your store.

The pop-up is compatible with other subscription forms. It differs from the Signup Box form because of the discount and the rules when to appear. Once the visitor has subscribed, the pop-up will not show up anymore.

Setting up pop-ups has never been easier. Pop-up Editor has five simple fields that must be filled. After entering the coupon code and headline and picking the color, your Pop-up is ready.
What are the benefits?
  • Pop-ups offer incentives to your visitors. A discount often helps you get email addresses that later can be used for your bulk email campaigns.
  • Pop-up and other signup forms from Soundest allow you gather the cookies that are later invaluable for implementing email marketing automation.
How can I achieve better results?
To find what works best for your online store visitors, we suggest experimenting with the wording in the Pop-up headline as well as the call-to-action button. You may also try different rules when the Pop-up appears. Exit-intent pop-ups will encourage your visitors to stay longer and browse more.