Features Tailored for Ecommerce

Email marketing automation workflows allow you to contact your customers with personalized messages at the best time. Be relevant.
  • Cart Recovery Series
    Enjoy 200x better conversions. Turn abandoned carts into successful deals by sending automated reminders.
  • Welcome Series
    Contact when it's expected and enjoy 5x better open and click rates.
  • Reactivation Series
    Follow-up and reactivate your customers if they are moving away. Don't let your relationships go cold.
  • Order Follow-up Email
    Order Follow-up Email
    Thank your customers for making an order with an automated email.
  • Birthday Email
    Birthday Email
    Say "Happy Birthday" to your customers and subscribers with automated email.
  • Welcome Emails
    Do not hesitate, start converting visitors into customers right away.
  • What's Next?
    Find out what other exciting features are foreseen for 2017.