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Google Mobile Friendly Popups: 3 Ways to Avoid Losing Mobile Rankings

In January 2017, Google changed its policy regarding website popups to improve the mobile browsing experience. Results in mobile Google search haven’t changed dramatically. Yet. But you should not wait to make changes—otherwise, your hard work climbing up to Google’s first page will turn to ashes. Here are some actions you can take right away to avoid this.
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Wheel of Fortune Comes to Soundest: Challenge Your Visitors to Sign Up!

Today is a big day for the Soundest clients who are willing to boost their email list building. A new, interactive, and trendy signup form – a Wheel of Fortune – is here!

Starting from today, at no extra costs, premium plan and 14-day trial users can add this form to their ecommerce stores. A Wheel of Fortune is compatible with popups and signup boxes, so the combination of several forms can be used on each store. Adding gamification and an innovative approach will boost your email list significantly! Read more


20 Exit-Intent Popup Examples for Small Online Businesses

In a Soundest Email Lab experiment, exit-intent popups resulted in a 19.03% conversion rate. Almost one-fifth of all new subscribers converted into the customers with a single popup! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The exit-intent dialog box gives you an additional chance to re-engage with a visitor when he/she is about to leave your website. You might stop them from exiting by offering a signup deal. Our experiments show that an exit-intent popup converts new subscribers into customers more effectively than a popup that appears immediately you enter the store. So this smart ecommerce solution might come in handy when you’re growing ecommerce sales as well as your email list. Read more


What’s Next on Soundest: Feature Roadmap 2017

As you may have already noticed, Soundest kicked off this year ambitiously! Every month, we introduce a bunch of new features to our clients. We are glad that you have provided us with feedback about the features you need, and we want to keep you updated about our future plans. We are launching a special page with our roadmap and want you to know what exciting features are foreseen for this year.

Since the very beginning, in 2014, Soundest has strictly focused on the needs of small ecommerce businesses, and we are proud of our achievements in helping them successfully rise to where they are today! Read more