Soundest's new Spambot Hunter app will help your Shopify store fight fake signups

How the New Spambot Hunter Can Stop Fake Signups to Your Online Store

July 13, 2017 Bernard Meyer Bernard Meyer

Fake signups are a curse for many websites and online stores, as they inflate the actual number of signups and can cause havoc on your open and click rates.

Based on Soundest’s ambitious What’s Next plan, the Spambot Hunter app has been created to specifically find and eliminate these signups for your Shopify ecommerce store.

That way, you can have a cleaner subscriber list and get a more accurate idea of what your subscribers want. Read more


How to Make Your Birthday Emails Effective + 5 Good Examples

Every online business owner and digital marketer knows this business mantra: “Personal attention to each client makes you richer”. There are many ways and strategies how to make your clients feel special. Email marketing automation, including birthday emails, is one of them.

After analyzing the data that Soundest collects about the emails sent through our system and our clients’ data, we noticed that birthday emails have been left behind. Read more


Email Marketing Metrics For eCommerce. The Beginner’s Guide

June 20, 2017 Guest Post Guest Post

Who would’ve imagined that when you first opened an eCommerce store you’d care so much about metrics? Open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates … at first it sounds enough to drive you crazy when all you really want to do is sell.

However, if you want to take your eCommerce store onto the next level (or even if you just want it to stay afloat), you need to get smart about both, email marketing and email marketing metrics. Read more


Google Mobile Friendly Popups: 3 Ways to Avoid Losing Mobile Rankings

In January 2017, Google changed its policy regarding website popups to improve the mobile browsing experience. Results in mobile Google search haven’t changed dramatically. Yet. But you should not wait to make changes—otherwise, your hard work climbing up to Google’s first page will turn to ashes. Here are some actions you can take right away to avoid this.
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