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The Best Email Frequency for Small Business Marketing [Soundest Research 2017]

The Best Email Frequency for Small Business Marketing [Soundest Research 2017]

October 9, 2017 Bernard Meyer Bernard Meyer

One of the most  popular questions that we get in conversations with email marketing beginners is about email frequency. They all want to know the same thing: how often should you send your email campaigns?

In fact, the right email frequency can have a big impact on your email campaign success. The challenge is to find the balance between staying at the front of your customer’s mind and not becoming too spammy.
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Find out how you can use these 5 customer retention strategies to boost your sales

5 Customer Retention Strategies That Actually Work

August 29, 2017 Bernard Meyer Bernard Meyer

In order to keep your customers around for longer, you will need to not only be aware of effective customer retention strategies, but also use them on a daily basis.

The reasoning is quite simple: the customers that you already have will spend much more than the customers you want to have.

In fact, according to Marketing Metrics, existing customers have a 60-70% probability of buying more products and services, compared to just 5-20% for new visitors. Read more

In part 3 of our 'Low Sales' series, we look at common ecommerce mistakes in marketing

Low Sales? You’re Probably Making These 23 Common Ecommerce Mistakes (Part 3: Your Marketing)

August 11, 2017 Bernard Meyer Bernard Meyer

In the final part of our series on low ecommerce sales, we’ll be looking at the common ecommerce mistakes in your marketing that can negatively impact your sales.

Marketing can be difficult because it depends on so many factors. Not just the niche that you’re in, but also the location of your audience, the time of day or year, your sales and promotions, and many other factors.

How you do your marketing can mean the difference between success and yet another ecommerce failure. Read more