How to Improve Low Email Engagement Rates [Soundest Email Lab]

A lot of marketing specialists, including us, encourage young online businesses to start sending promotional email campaigns to their customers to significantly increase their revenue – and this is true, if the plan of action goes smoothly. But what if your email marketing results do not reflect the energy and effort invested?

In the recent Soundest Email Lab, we tried to help our clients with email campaign performance. We worked to improve the open and click rates of their email campaigns, and we are happy that these actions have positive results. Read more


Google Strikes Again: Will Punish Online Stores with Pop-ups

It seems that the new year has started with storms in the retailers’ world. As Google promised last year, from January 10, 2017, it will start applying improvements to the mobile browsing experience. Since pop-ups provide a poorer experience to users by being interstitials in accessing the content immediately, they will be tackled and websites with pop-ups “may not rank as highly” in mobile search results.

Without a doubt, everyone is happy about getting a better browsing experience. But what about building email lists and signup forms? Should online retailers remove all of these from their sites? Read more


How to Make Your Marketing Stand Out

January 4, 2017 Guest Post Guest Post

With the internet becoming as saturated as it is, it can be difficult to break through the noise. Therefore, you need to learn how to empower your marketing efforts by making them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

From scrutinizing the competition for new business opportunities to allowing your target consumers to get a glimpse behind your brand, it is imperative that you enhance your reputation in-order to be found competitive online. Read more


5 Interactive Newsletter Examples: Boost Your Click Rates at Least 2X

In recent years, marketers and media professionals have talked a lot about interactive content online. Businesses have invested in rich-media banners, quizzes, social media content, etc. According to Adform, rich media delivers a 6.6X higher engagement rate than standard ad banners.

Though email has more limits than HTML5 and the web ─ and many things are impossible to develop inside email because of the different parameters ─ the email marketing industry is looking for solutions. For example, adding videos or animated gifs could make your messages more interactive. Read more


The 10 Best Articles on the Soundest Email Marketing Blog in 2016

We spent 2016 analyzing our client data and helping them find answers to their ecommerce and email marketing questions as well as information on digital marketing in general.

Although we focus on email marketing, our guest writers, who are professionals in different fields, have covered content marketing, social media, and customer retention. Overall, our readers enjoyed 70 new articles about ecommerce in 2016. Read more