How Will the Recent Gmail Improvements Affect My Email Campaigns?

Currently, all of the email marketing world is waiting for Gmail improvements that will change email experience for all Gmail users. This is going to be huge!

There are many articles about it on the internet. The problem is that most of them are too sophisticated to understand the improvements for ordinary, non-tech people. We are here to help and make everything clear. Read more


10 Most Common Newsletter Mistakes & a Check-List for Fixes

Some of you probably receive my bi-weekly newsletters. I write them and am deeply interested in how they do in your inboxes. Also, I know that you write yours and you are also deeply interested in how they do in your subscribers’ inboxes. Bunches of emails settle down into our mailboxes every day and are condemned to be deleted without ever being opened. Why should this be so?

I don’t want to give the impression of being a “newsletter nazi”. But guys, some newsletter mistakes are quite serious and recipients probably find them difficult to forgive. So what are they? Read more


Ecommerce Email Lab: Participants Have Been Selected

September 22, 2016 Soundest

Before the biggest sales of the year, Soundest is launching Ecommerce Email Lab. It is a new project that aims to share with you the best  our ecommerce email marketing practices. Selected participants will get the personal attention, recommendations and an assistance from Soundest specialists!

A few weeks ago we published a call for participation in the new project. Thanks to all who applied! Read more


13 Funny Animated GIFS about Email Marketing [Part 2]

September 13, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

In the Soundest ecommerce email marketing blog you can find plenty of useful and relevant stuff about promotional newsletters, marketing automation etc. But everyone sometimes needs a break from their daily tasks. The following Marketing Shmarketing blog post is made especially for this – to ensure you take a pause from your routine and relax your brain for a few minutes.

So, scroll down and entertain yourself a little bit. To quote the song by Fergie: A little party never killed nobody!
Read more


10 Rules to Make Your Email Newsletter Design Beautiful yet Effective

Communication via email plays a significant part in a brand’s overall image. It reflects your professionalism, supports credibility and builds close relationships with your customers. Taking into account the huge competitive struggle in the customer’s inbox, an email newsletter design needs to capture the customer’s attention at first glance to avoid being deleted and never seen again. Moreover, how you design your email campaigns will influence your click rate as well as sales.

Follow these rules while building your newsletters and enjoy beautiful yet effective email marketing campaigns! Read more