How and Where Do We Spend Money during the Halloween Sales? [Infographic]

October 27, 2016 Soundest

In case you live under a rock, we are only a few days away from Halloween.  But, don’t worry there is still time for you to do your part in helping set the new record for total dollars spent this year. That’s right, we kicked it up a notch this year by spending an additional $1.5 billion over last year, bringing us to a new all time high of $8.4 billion.

How and where did we spend this money? Read more


How Marketing Automation Increases Customer Loyalty

October 21, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

If you’re serious about increasing customer loyalty, but haven’t fully considered marketing automation, you’re doing it all wrong.

Marketing automation is a great way to increase repeat sales and conversions, predict what your customers might need, and improve your customers’ experience. Doing this will lead to a greater sense of customer loyalty. Read more


The Future of Google AdWords or How to Break Through Average Sales

October 12, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

The majority of online store owners running “Google AdWords” campaigns, sooner or later, join the “So-So” club: return on investment (ROI), campaign costs and conversions – everything is average. One might wish for better results, but often settles for less after noticing that competitors are doing no better. Why does this happen and is there a way to leave this club? Read more


Dates and Occasions to Kick-off Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign of 2016 [Infographic]

October 6, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

Holiday season is one of the most waited times of the year for children as well as… retailers. All of us know how big is a challenge to make a well-working marketing plan for holiday sales. Especially, when there are so many different dates and occasions to take advantage of.

For marketers, November and December is the prime time of the year. But without a plan, this is something that will be difficult to fully implement. Read more


How to Build Real, 100% Authentic Influence Using Video and Facebook

October 3, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

By now you’ll have noticed the sheer volume of video content online. Once concentrated to YouTube and other video-centric platforms, our growing bandwidths and extending grasp of the digital domain has led to a huge proliferation of videos, be it from live-streaming or content distributors like Netflix.

The tipping point has been the introduction of native video on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Read more


How Will the Recent Gmail Improvements Affect My Email Campaigns?

Currently, all of the email marketing world is waiting for Gmail improvements that will change email experience for all Gmail users. This is going to be huge!

There are many articles about it on the internet. The problem is that most of them are too sophisticated to understand the improvements for ordinary, non-tech people. We are here to help and make everything clear. Read more