5 Tips to Grow Your Word of Mouth Marketing

August 23, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

The strongest form of marketing, before the advent of modern marketing strategies, was a word of mouth.

It works like this: when you buy something from a business and you like the product and/or the customer service so much, next time you look no further and return to buy to the same merchant. Moreover, you recommend the product to your friends and tell about the great experience you have had. They buy that products and carry on sharing the positive feedback to their friends. The referral network keeps growing. The social media twist is even more powerful in spreading the word about your products all over the country or even the world. Read more


Using Social Networks for Long-form Content: Pros, Cons

August 15, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

To some, it might seem slightly crazy – perhaps we could say ‘counterintuitive’ – but a trend that’s been gathering momentum in content marketing is publishing longer stretches of online content on social networks.

This is the kind of extended content you’re most used to seeing in blogs or longer journalistic features, a type of content known to marketers and journalists alike as ‘longform’. Read more


Resend Your Email Campaign and Get up to 30% Bigger Revenue

July 22, 2016 Karolina Jasvinaite

Experiencing sales slump? You are not alone. Summer months are always the slowest for ecommerce sites. But here is the bright side of the thing. You can experiment new things with lower risk to spoil anything and prepare new strategies and marketing tricks for the new season.

One of those tricks that I’m offering you to try today is resending your most recent email campaign to those customers who have ignored the initial one. Believe it or not, but this action will increase your revenue through email marketing by up to 30% . Read more


Soundest Experts Are Ready to Help with Your Email Marketing! [Updated]

July 20, 2016 Soundest

This season is rich with good news from Soundest. In addition to the growing number of integrations with other tools, Soundest has launched a new Soundest Experts directory! Soundest Experts are companies that we trust. They have experience in digital marketing and web development, and can help you with the initial setup of our tool. Moreover, they can advise you with the look of your newsletter and your email communication strategy.

Earlier we have introduced Experts for Shopify ecommerce platform. Currently, we have expanded that list, and, in addition to that, we are introducing a list of Bigcommerce Experts, that are genius in what they do. Check them out!
Read more


How to Get More Done and Take Charge of Your Time

July 14, 2016 Guest Post Guest Post

No matter which stage the business is at, the time of an entrepreneur could be spent on 100 different things to look after or grow the business. Although, as a busy person, you probably have already sought out and read the methods of how to keep on top of things. This post serves as a reminder and a summary of the techniques to recall from time to time of how not to fall into the stressful rush of growth and recommends some tools to help you along the way. Read more